Finance professionals: Upgrade your skills!

There is a pressing need to stay current with everything that is happening in the industry, in addition to upgrading your skills on a constant basis – especially in tech. 

It’s back to school: Don’t miss out on Cooperathon 101

It’s back to school and that means…course picking and waiting lists! Now if you’re wondering whether you’ve chosen the right courses for your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or final year, Fintech Cadence has a program that just may be everything you’ve been looking for, and it’s coming right up on October 2nd. Created by Desjardins, the […]

Formathon 3.0: From Idea to a Fintech Startup in No Time

Ask an adept startup entrepreneur about the “hardest part when it comes to building a startup” and the answer is likely to be product-market-fit and customer validation. In fact, a recent study done by CB insights shows that 42% of startups fail because they end up building a product that has no market need. Needless […]

Ascension 2.0: Upping Quebec’s Fintech Game

A report obtained by the Logic in 2016 stated that Canada’s ICT sector is the smallest in the G7 and is continuing to fall behind other developed nations. Numerous reasons are cited as to why the Canadian tech scene lags behind most countries around the world. Canada’s head at Amazon Web Services mentioned last year that […]

Fintech Cadence: Building the fintech leaders of tomorrow

FormFintech is excited to announce a rebrand to fit it’s expanded direction of building and supporting the fintech leaders of tomorrow. The organization will be now known as Fintech Cadence, a word chosen to represent the rhythm of our ecosystem. As of 2019, our role will be to amplify the sector of fintech and its stakeholders […]

The Climb Continues: FormFintech’s Ascension 2019 Cohort

Last year, Montreal’s Fintech Ecosystem went to a whole new level. Numerous stakeholders stepped-in to plug gaps in the pipeline, various exciting events were hosted and a number of fintechs were created. FormFintech’s Ascension pre-incubation program, aimed at early-stage startups, also came into existence. For the first cohort, 10 fintechs received guidance and coaching from over 40 established experts […]

Montreal’s Fintech Ecosystem: A Year in Review Report

Ecosystems are a complex mish-mash of different elements working together to produce results that benefit the very actors and elements that create these systems. Coral reefs, for instance need sunlight, clear water, warm water, clean water and saltwater; conditions that sound contradictory, but support each other. Even if one element is out of place, survival of […]

Second Fintech Career Fair: Highlights and Statistics

If you were at the Notman House during the evening of the 27th of November, it would have been hard to miss the buzz that was created by Fintech Cadence’s Career Fair. The energy so was contagious that some startup enthusiasts and students sipping coffee downstairs whipped out their phones and decided to sign up […]

The 6th Canada Fintech Forum: What’s Next For Canada and Open Banking?

We want to work with early-stage startups in fintech, even though they may compete against some of our members” The above comment was made by Louis Levesque, CEO at Finance Montreal, at the opening of the 6th Canada Fintech Forum on the 30th of October this year. For us at FormFintech, an organization that is […]

Upcoming Industries: Allset, OmniC3 | Ascension Fintech Program

Fintech in Canada is somewhat of a new phenomenon. But in other parts of the world, especially Europe, digital transformation within the finance industry has been going on for over a decade. Developing nations, on the other hand, fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum and are doing their own brand of fintech by […]