Upcoming Industries: Allset, OmniC3 | Ascension Fintech Program

Fintech in Canada is somewhat of a new phenomenon. But in other parts of the world, especially Europe, digital transformation within the finance industry has been going on for over a decade. Developing nations, on the other hand, fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum and are doing their own brand of fintech by […]

Accounting Tech: Nextax and Deeply | Ascension Fintech Program

Many, especially small businesses, wish that they could make the process of accounting and taxation a lot easier, or do away with it altogether. Score.org conducted a survey among 1000 small and medium sized businesses, which revealed that 47% of these business dislike the cost associated with accounting and 13% dislike the administrative headaches and time that […]

Research Intelligence: Aquantix and Krypto | Ascension Fintech Program

If a finance professional from the early 2000s were to time-travel all the way into 2018, he would be completely baffled. An electronic-asset (backed by nothing) that appreciated close to a million percent (read: Bitcoin), insurance providers that are fully digital, Apple with a payments wallet! Things have changed considerably, primarily after the 2008 financial […]

Lending & Consolidation: Ophelia, FinanceToiMieux | Ascension Fintech Program

Even though the per capita debt level in Canada is minuscule as compared to that in the United States, it is definitely not something to be scoffed at. According to the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada (OSB), the average household debt in Canada is at 163% of disposable income, and nearly 4 out of […]

Financial Literacy: BlockRewards & Hardbacon | Ascension Fintech Program

Fintech is changing the way financial services are packaged and delivered. Tasks associated with everyday banking are becoming increasingly customer-centric and engaging. But these advancements are not being coupled with improvements in financial literacy. Based on a study conducted by lowestrates.ca in partnership with IPSOS, 34% of Canadian are unaware of the fact that free […]