Startup Stories – FundEvolve



When Zainab Williams was volunteering her financial planning services to women hit hard by the pandemic, a concerning truth made itself apparent. She realized quickly that young women, especially in underserved demographics, weren’t getting the resources or guidance they needed to succeed financially.

The concept

In an effort to combat the problem, Zainab began building the concept that is now FundEvolve: a 2-sided financial platform made especially for women.

Her vision: a platform that nurtures and empowers women with the knowledge, tools and professional support to take control of their financial lives. Users will get access to a pool of vetted financial professionals available to advise them, a dashboard that informs and teaches them, while offering real insights and action items.

Every piece of the puzzle

Right now, the main focus at FundEvolve is building out the first version of their web app. Every feature has been carefully thought out by Zainab and her team. Why a web-based platform instead of a mobile application? It’s all about intentionality – getting users in front of the computer, setting time aside for their financial goals. Or as Zainab likes to call it, having a “money date”.

One of FundEvolve’s key goals is to help users build an emotional connection to their finances, through understanding, visibility, and confidence. Every aspect of the app speaks to that overarching goal. From a section that highlights a user’s successes, to language informed by principles of behavioural economics to facilitate effective financial literacy and behaviour change.

Why FundEvolve stands apart

FundEvolve is joining a landscape ripe with budgeting apps, financial advisors, and saving tools– but they’re committed to serving their demographic specifically and exceptionally. They’re asking questions and exploring pain points unique to women, and hoping to redefine the relationship they have with their finances. 

The platform offers a birds-eye view of your finances, allowing you to view everything all at once and truly understand where you stand. Other elements speak to their goal of building financial confidence– through education, literacy, and language that reframes spending and saving in more neutral tones.

Reaching Canada and the world

FundEvolve is working hard to build their product and get it out to Canadian women, but they don’t intend to stop there.

“I definitely want to be known as the women’s financial ecosystem in Canada, but my vision is to also expand the platform out into countries where women want to take control of their financial journeys.”

Zainab Williams, FundEvolve Founder


FundEvolve’s mission is built around trust and positive social impact, and their next goal is to start hearing feedback from their demographic. The team is focused on listening to the real needs of their users, which is why they’re eager to get the first version of the web app out there.

We can’t wait to follow the FundEvolve journey and offer support through the Fintech Hub! Their website is now live, and we encourage you to check it out, learn more about FundEvolve, and sign up for their waiting list if you’re eager to learn more about the upcoming product.

Interview by Skyla Valade