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Interview by Julien Redelsperger

Trendigo – the Canadian app that is revolutionizing contactless payments for all events


Trendigo is the contactless payment app that requires nothing more than a phone to pay and be paid. A paradigm shift that makes it easier to hold and manage concerts, festivals, trade events, exhibitions and conferences…

Making it easy to pay for events

Created in 2014 and reimagined in 2020, Trendigo is designed to facilitate financial transactions for all events. Until now, professionals had to deal with debit, credit, and cash transactions, which required managing a cash register with change and payment terminals that had to be connected. Trendigo simplifies this process with a paperless approach that does not require a payment device. It has a simple, fast and customizable implementation. For businesses, no more heavy investments in wristbands, cards, code readers or NFC or RFID terminals. 

To pay for a transaction, load or reload a prepaid system, Trendigo works thanks to an EMV QR code from a smartphone. The payment information is anonymous, and no information is passed between business and client. The business owner can also know in real time what sales have been made without needing IT equipment nor a payment terminal. A secure portal allows to track transactions and obtain valuable data (products, times, locations, prices, etc.) to make decisions.

“Over the past few years, we have developed a very ambitious ecosystem in Quebec. Among our clients, we count several events in the province as well as the University of Laval’s students associations who use the app to facilitate payment within their university campuses.”

Normand Robitaille, founder of Trendigo

Advantages of the Trendigo solution

The payment infrastructure is built on the highest standards of banking security. Single-use tokens as well as API’s ensure a high level of security during transactions by greatly reducing the risk of fraud. This is major advantage for both business and customers: 

  • Banking information is not transmitted

  • Payment with card or via closed loop

  • As simple as scanning a QR code

  • Possibility for businesses to activate a cashback system

  • Easy to use with minimal training for employees, no risk of error or broken equipment

  • Reduced cost for event organizers as they will have no hardware investment to pay for or deploy, and do not have to manage cards or wristbands to load or reload money.

Trendigo is…

“We joined the Fintech Cadence program as we sometimes feel isolated as entrepreneurs. The pan-Canadian fintech networking allows to exchange and share best practices. The coaching offered is helpful in accelerating connections and finding our own place in the digital payment ecosystem. ”

Christophe Attelé, Trendigo CEO

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