Discover the 2022 Ascension Cohort

Fintech Cadence gives a warm welcome to its fifth cohort of its Ascension program

Ascension’s new focus this year is on preparing and connecting early-stage startups with funding opportunities. The program will cover what instruments are available (equity-based or non-dilutive capital) and will guide founders on how to leverage and maximize each funding avenue.

After a rigorous application process, we’re thrilled to have selected 7 Canadian fintechs to join the program this fall! The startups will go through an intensive 10-week curriculum inclusive of tailored coaching, workshops, 1:1 networking sessions with key stakeholders, fireside chats, and more.

Overview of the 2022 cohort:

  • 3 provinces represented from coast to coast, including British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.
  • Startups address a variety of verticals including:
    • Payments,
    • Edtech,
    • Proptech,
    • Investment-tech,
    • Wealthtech,
    • PFM,
    • MSB,
    • FOREX,
    • SMEs automation

Meet the 7 fintechs:

Stay tuned as we announce more details of their Pitch Day on November 10th!