For International Women’s Day, we would like to take a moment and celebrate our women founders shaping the future of fintech for Canadians. Discover some of these incredible entrepreneurs below! 

From disrupting traditional banking to pioneering innovative payment solutions, these visionary leaders are driving change and breaking barriers one innovation at a time. Our industry still has a lot of work to do to achieve an accurate representation of diversity in entrepreneurship, finance and technology, but while we tirelessly put in the effort to achieve our ideals, let’s take the time to highlight and celebrate all the inspiring women who are reshaping the financial landscape and empowering communities across Canada. 

Tendai Nzuma
from Kunye

“It is important to have women in the fintech space as it brings diverse perspectives, leading to more empathetic problem identification and analysis, solutions that are holistic, and more inclusive financial systems.”

Jennifer Schell
from Finliti
“Where instuition meets endurance, women in fintech don’t just see the future; we craft it with foresight, thrive on a shoestring, and break barriers with a vision bold enough to buy the world a new perspective.”
Yvette Wu
from Yield Exchange

“Women in fintech, let’s unapologetically take up more space! Don’t let the statistics drag you down, because otherwise who’s going to go out there and change them?”

Katy Baker
from Pricing for Profit

The best feeling is knowing how you’ve helped clients not just keep their business alive but to truly grow and thrive.”

Jennifer Cameron
from INVRS

“Fintech has the power to unlock prosperity.  It’s vital that women and other underrepresented people are bringing their perspectives to the table.”

Veronique Gaumond-Carignan from HOMR

“Diversity in founding teams ignites innovation, transforming today’s housing challenges into opportunities for groundbreaking solutions through a wealth of perspectives.”

Lesli Gaynor
from Husmates
“Women bring a unique perspective and relevance  – through a lense of vulnerability – to a space dominated by privilege and power.”
Zainab Williams
from FundEvolve

“It’s important for women to be in the fintech space because it allows society to tap into diverse perspectives that drive innovation, performance, and inclusive financial solutions that benefit everyone.”

Liza Akhvledziani
from Chexy

“Diversity drives new ideas and in turn fosters innovation, which is why it’s so important to have more female founders in fintech. I am excited to see what this next generation of founders does to improve the financial lives of many Canadians.” 

Kristine Beese
from Untangle Money

“It’s critical to have women in the fintech space because when we look at the data, we find that women and men engage and respond to the world very differently. If we don’t have women bringing their lived-experience forward, we will build fintech solutions that only work for men.”

de CyberPNM

“A CyberPNM nous croyons que pour la force de l’écosystème et pour sa vitalité, pour faire preuve d’ouverture, être plus créatif et être plus représentatif, la présence de la gent féminine au sein de Fintech devrait être un « ça va de soi ». Comme l’EDI au sein des organisations, miroir de notre société.”

Maria Ebinu
from LyfeFund

“Women must grasp the concept of money. By doing so, they empower future generations to follow suit.”

Olga Morawczynski
from Heal-3

“Fintech founders must reflect their diverse customer base to innovate effectively. Otherwise, understanding and meeting diverse needs may be compromised, impacting resonance and innovation.”

Leah Murphy
from NorthStar Payroll

“Female founders encounter challenges of gender bias, unequal pay scales, underrepresentation – the list goes on. This is why it’s critical for women representation in Fintech, because when you see it you can be it!”

Annick Kwetcheu Gamo
de Code F

“Agir ensemble pour la santé 
financière de tous!”

Emmanuelle Tavernier from Oxia Initiative

“By including women, fintech gains invaluable perspectives that fuel innovation and drive meaningful change for the diverse needs of global economies.”

Keren Moynihan
from Boss Insights

“Boss Insights is an award-winning leader in open banking, linking fintechs, neobanks, and financial institutions to their business clients’ financial accounting, banking, commerce/sales, KYB, payroll, tax/IRS data, and more.”

Nik Claxton
from Emoot

“Emoot is the evolution of the gift card: digital greetings plus a prepaid cash card to support both meaningful social connection and financial wellbeing.”

Roya Kachooei
from Walletifai

“Ambition and drive for a better future knows no gender—it can emerge anywhere, fintech included. As a woman founder, often the sole female in many rooms, my eyes have always been on the prize and nothing else Today, Walletifai helps thousands live better, a achievement I’m immensely proud of.”

Khushboo Jha
from Buy Properly

“BuyProperly is an award winning, AI powered online marketplace for fractional investments in private assets such as Real Estate. Through our proprietary technology platform, we provide private market returns, public market ease of access, and the ability to build a property portfolio.”

Margaret Adekunle
from City Lending

“We Improve Lives through Financial Solutions. We believe everyone deserves equal access to financial stability.”

Alexandra Stante
from Rebelle Money

“If you can see it, you can be it. Being visible as a woman leader in fintech is not only important in contributing diverse perspectives to the canon, but in leading the next generation to this work.”

Jen Leger
from QUBER
“At QUBER, we recognize the pivotal role women play in driving innovation and success in the fintech space. Women bring a unique perspective and unparalleled multitasking skills, making them invaluable contributors to our dynamic and fast-paced startup environment. We take pride in fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, with over 50% of our team comprised of talented women. Embracing diversity isn’t just a commitment for us; it’s a key factor in our continued growth and success. Happy International Women’s Day!”