Canadian fintech entrepreneurs are designing real solutions to the most pressing problems facing consumer financial health today. With the right support and the right partners, they can help rebuild a more inclusive and accessible financial services sector with financial health at its heart.

Founding Partner

Technology offers tremendous potential to expand access to safe, affordable financial products and services for consumers in communities across a range of incomes, languages, and geographies. Together, Fintech Cadence and IFH Lab can grow Canada’s fintech sector to better meet the needs of Canadians struggling to weather economic shocks, and seeking to build long-term financial health.

Champion Partners

Past Partners

At IFH Lab, our network of ecosystem partners are an integral part of our program and the success of our startups.

Lab partners share a commitment to changing the way Canadians experience the financial services sector at a systems level, and a belief in the transformative power of collaboration and co-creation.

Why become an IFH Lab partner?​

Build relationships with exciting early stage startups

Help grow a stronger ecosystem that supports mission-driven fintechs
Network with other partners who share a similar mindset

Partnership opportunities include

Sponsorship of the program or a specific venture
In-program engagement as an industry leader
In-kind service provision for IFH Lab cohort

Interested in exploring a partnership? Let's connect.