Startup Stories – STOCKCALC

Interview by Skyla Valade STOCKCALC IS TAKING THEIR NEXT STEP Back in 2013, Brian Donovan incorporated stockcalc when he had the perfect opportunity to switch gears in his professional life. As an expert with a background and interest in stock valuation who found himself between jobs, he decided that the startup journey was worth a […]

Startup Stories – ReInvest Wealth

Interview by Skyla Valade ReInvest Wealth is Transforming Accounting ReInvest Wealth is at the intersection of accounting software and AI, harnessing the power of automation to eliminate manual work and cut costs for small business owners. Today, we spoke with co-founder Behdad Karimi to get a deeper understanding of their journey as a startup. Here’s […]

Startup Stories – Quber


Interview by Skyla Valade Quber is Helping Employees Reach Their Savings Goals In 2016, Jen Leger decided to combine her background in the gaming industry with her desire to make an impact. She founded Quber with the mindset that something needed to change in the way people save money. It’s estimated that around 35% of […]

In Conversation With: Good & Well

Good & Well is just one of the companies that are shaping the IFH Lab, offering exclusive value and insights to program participants. That’s why we’re so pleased that we had the chance to sit down with Olga Cruz, G&W’s Senior Associate.  In this interview, we were able to get a sense of what Good […]


Interview with Kristine Beese from Untangle Money by Kristi Carignan ——————————— Untangle Money: Revolutionizing Financial Planning for Canadian Women Discover an innovative financial planning solution that helps middle-income Canadian women make realistic plans for their future.   What Makes Untangle Money Special? Untangle Money was created to make financial success accessible and sustainable for more of […]

In Conversation With: Fintech Connect

How to build a successful marketing strategy on a limited budget We recently sat down with Alana Levine, a founding member of Fintel Connect, the leading growth marketing solution built for the financial industry.   We had the chance to dive into the million-dollar question with her: How can fintechs with a limited budget build successful marketing […]

IFH Lab In Conversation With: Jonah Chininga, Founder & CEO of Woveo

IFH Lab In Conversation With: Jonah Chininga, Founder & CEO of Woveo In today’s conversation, we sat down with Jonah Chininga, Founder & CEO of Woveo. Woveo is a Community Wallet, aiming to offer credit building and rotating savings for new immigrants. The goal? Allow them the chance to build a strong financial foundation– a […]

Phil Barrar: What It Takes To Build A Fintech Startup

Phil Barrar: What It Takes To Build A Fintech Startup

Co-authors: Phil Barrar and Skyla Valade. What It Takes To Build A Fintech Startup: Thoughts From Our Fintech Hub Event with serial fintech founder Phil Barrar. Building a fintech startup presents a unique set of challenges, many of which were discussed in our recent Fintech Hub Open Chat & Workshop with industry leader and serial […]

Startup Stories – Trendigo

Startup profiles: Trendigo

Interview by Julien Redelsperger Trendigo – the Canadian app that is revolutionizing contactless payments for all events   Trendigo is the contactless payment app that requires nothing more than a phone to pay and be paid. A paradigm shift that makes it easier to hold and manage concerts, festivals, trade events, exhibitions and conferences… Making it […]

Startup Stories – Orchid B

Interview by Skyla Valade Orchid B is a Game Changer for Freelancer and Small Business Administration So, you want to start a business or take one of your skills to the next level. Where do you go? You’ll have to understand legal and tax requirements specific to you and your customers’ locations. You’ll have to […]