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Join us for our Fintech Career Edition this Fall

Business Careers in Fintech

Fintech has been around for a few decades and has modified the financial sector and its opportunities. You’re studying in Finance or finishing an MBA and wondering what are the jobs of the future and how has fintech impacted these organisations?

Come and discover how Fintech is transforming this sector, discover upcoming job opportunities and network with FIs and Startups in the financial sector. It’s free and 100% Virtual!

The Latest Series

The Future of Payments

May 2021

Discover the current trends and challenges the payments sector faces with Industry Expert Alext Vronces and explore Payment Canada’s payments challenge for the upcoming Formathon Challenge kicking off May 26th, a 3 week open innovation competition.  More details on the Formathon ici.

Évènements précédents

Let's talk about NFTs

April 1, 2021 - 6 pm EST

NFTs are disrupting the world of Digital Art right now. Some might think this is just another speculation bubble, but the potential of this new tech is bigger than you expect! Want to know what the craze is all about? Don’t miss our upcoming University Serie : Let’s talk about NFTs! We’ll be having this conversation with four amazing guest speakers: : Aws Al-Hasani, CEO and co-founder at Auxiun, Louis Cleroux, CEO of Timechain, Justyna Osowska, CEO at Women in Blockchain Canada and Antoine Tava, Pop Artist and Creative Director.

How to make responsible investments (ESG, SRI)

March 24, 2021 - 12 pm EST

In this fourth edition of the University Series, we will talk about responsible investments. We have the chance of receiving Nawar Alsaadi, a sustainable investment professional with 10+ years in capital markets and Professor Amr Addas, Director of the Van Berkom Investment Management Program at John Molson School of Business.

Innovation sous incubation

16 Mars, 2021 - 7 pm EST

Dans cette troisième édition de la Série Universitaire, nous allons parler de l’incubation et l’accélération d’entreprise en fintech.

L'avenir de la finance et ses emplois

9 Mars, 2021 - 5 pm EST

Dans cette deuxième édition de la Série Universitaire, nous allons découvrir différents domaines d’emploi en fintech et comment le secteur financier a évolué dans les dernières années.

Fintech 101

March 4, 2021 - 5 pm EST

In this event, we will talk about the history of fintech and discuss its many verticals. We’ll also look at upcoming trends in the ecosystem with Layial El Hadi, Executive Director at Fintech Cadence. Jennifer Leger from Quber and Patrick Dunn from Benefi will also share their entrepreneurial experience in the second part of this conference. Moderation will be done by Nicholas Belliveau, Head of Marketing at Fintech Cadence.