Bringing together students and professionals to talk about fintech

Making fintech accessible at all levels is part of our key mission! We are glad to partner with clubs, university groups and organisations to offer different events and programs throughout the year. Would you like to organise events or initiatives focused around financial technologies? We’d love to collaborate! 

University Series

With our 300+ experts, we organise fintech University Series events throughout the year. These panel events focus on specific trends or subjects in the fintech space. 


Are you organizing a conference or event focused on Fintech? We have a wide variety of guests speakers, moderators and experts we can connect you with.

Hackathon / Case Competition

If you are organizing a competition around fintech and need workshop speakers, experts for office hours or networking sessions, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

Working with university clubs across Canada!

Past events

University Series - Career Edition

University Series - Workshop

Fintech 101

L'avenir de la finance

Innovation sous incubation

How to make responsible investments

Let's talk about NFTs

The future of Payments

What is Cybersecurity?

What is open banking?

The future of Crypto in Uncertain Times

Working in fintech: What you need to know

Fintech to the rescue: Helping the economy

Discover the "TECH" in fintech

Cash not accepted: The future of cashless society

Managing risk: The new face of insurance

Invest or save: Financial freedom with fintech

Data ownership: Future trends on how to use data

Accelerated innovation: How startups work with banks

L'industrie financière post-covid

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