September 17th - November 28th


An 11-week program dedicated to founders who are fundraising.

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Info session - July 9th, 12pm-1pm EDT

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Securing funding as a startup is crucial for building a strong foundation and scaling up, but the process can be overwhelming. To succeed, you need a comprehensive understanding of the funding landscape and the ability to maximize available opportunities.

Ascension is designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and network necessary to build a compelling case for raising capital. This program is particularly valuable in today’s challenging economic climate, ensuring you are well-prepared to navigate and secure funding for your startup.

💰How we define funding: 

  • Non-Dilutive Financing: This type of financing does not require giving away ownership of the company. It includes options such as loans, government grants, HR internship support programs, tax credits, and more.
  • Dilutive (Equity) Financing: This type of funding involves selling a portion of the company’s equity (ownership) in exchange for capital. It includes sources such as angel investors, venture capital, accelerators, financial institutions, corporate innovation arms, and others

Capital Providers who have joined Ascension

How Ascension can help you

Ascension is a no-fee no-equity program for founders seeking to launch their fundraising journey.

A pitch tailored to capital providers to maximize your investment opportunities.

Understanding of the financing options (non-dilutive and equity) available in Canada.

Planning of your financials for investment readiness.

Creation and due diligence of your data room, including technical demos and financials.

New connections with key stakeholders and capital providers.

Learnings and unique exchanges through workshops and fireside chats.

Additional support and takeaways

Guidance 🧠

You will get tailored and personalized guidance from Fintech Cadence and top caliber experts, experienced entrepreneurs, and seasoned VCs through:

  • Pitch Practice Sessions
  • Office Hours
  • 1-1 Meetings with Industry Experts
  • Workshops
  • Fireside chats

Connections 👥

A supporting network is essential while navigating the arduous task of funding a scalable business.  Through Ascension you’ll have the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and experts from the fintech landscape with:

  • Peer-to-peer sessions
  • Strategic connections
  • Showcase Week
  • Additional networking sessions

Resources 📚

 As part of the program, you will have access to the following resources:

  • Exclusive access to an archive of recorded workshops for the duration of your enrolment
  • Software credits with the most relevant software for fintech startups
  • Access to recruitment channels on Fintech Cadence’s job board, Slack Channels and community newsletters

Visibility 📣

We aim  to amplify your achievements and engage you with the national fintech ecosystem through:

  • Networking sessions with industry experts, leaders in the financial landscape, and with other startups participating in the program
  • Opportunity to be showcased at Fintech Cadence’s events
  • Social Media exposure

Ascension in numbers


fintechs across Canada have graduated from the program.


raised from our founders
since the beginning of Ascension.


leading Canadian Capital Providers have joined our Ascension showcase.


top tier experts across the financial sector have participated.

We're seeking fintechs who:

  • Operate a business incorporated in Canada
  • Have a validated problem
  • Have a working prototype of the solution and/or have proven traction
  • Be an early-stage fintech looking to raise funds within the next 3 to 6 months
  • Have not raised more than $1M in equity funding
  • Have at least one founder or senior member on the team with technical expertise
  • Have at least one founder working full time on the startup
  • Have large sale growth ambition and potential
Have any questions about this criteria? Let’s connect here.

Ascension Timeline

Applications Launch

June 12th


July 9th

Application Deadline

August 15th


August 20th-29th


September 17th


Nov 18th-20th


November 21st

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You will need to allocate 3-4 hours per week for the duration of the program. Please note, the program was designed to compliment your startups work and not add extra work to your process. This is why it is important that your startup is focusing on raising capital during the program. Note that a detailed schedule and curriculum will be provided at the start of the program.

The program will be delivered online. Note that even though the last week of the program may have in-person components, we’ll accommodate an online format for startups outside of Montreal – we can discuss further if you are selected and are located outside of Montreal.

You can participate in the program as long as you are in the pre-series A stage (not have raised more that $1 million).

Fintech Cadence does not invest in participating fintechs. Through the program, you will meet with key capital provider stakeholders (government entities, VC’s, Financial Institution venture arms, angel investors etc.), however, we can’t guarantee there will be financing given by any of these stakeholders by the end of the program.

Only the Fintech Cadence team will have access to the information submitted via the application. Also, note that the partners and experts involved in the program will be  required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before participating.

There is no cost for startups to participate. Additionally, Fintech Cadence does not take any equity from startups.

What our alumni have to say about Ascension

Being a startup founder is tough. A key element to success is the ability to raise, and that’s the ascension program. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate, and I can’t recommend the team, the program, and the peer networking enough. Thanks!
Fintech Cadence has been instrumental in our preparation for our fundraising process. Through their network and connections, we are able to get guidance and support from a variety of speciality areas that we would not otherwise have thought of. I highly recommend all fintech start ups to apply for this exceptional program.
The entire Fintech Cadence team has been instrumental in helping us build our network, develop new partnerships, and improve our messaging.​
The Ascension program helped us take the necessary step back in order to make the right decisions for Emma. Their weekly monitoring, coaching and scheduled meetings with experts have made a big difference in our entrepreneurial journey. Their commitment to our success is remarkable.​
Thank you Fintech Cadence! You are the best and the most supportive organization and people in our ecosystem! You really understand us and know how to make a difference.
Ascension allowed us to access guidance from successful mentors, key industry connections and tools to accelerate Allset's growth. We are thankful for the support and highly recommend this program to entrepreneurs in the fintech space.