Fintech Drinks

Fintech Drinks is a meetup where we bring the community together to discuss the hottest topics in fintech.

Upcoming event:

Cybersecurity Edition Gatekeepers: Collaboration in the age of cyber threats

September 29th | Doors open at 5pm EST.

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Past Events

July 2021

Rising to the Challenge: Creating Inclusive Financial Services

Our speakers:

  • Alex Mazer, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Common Wealth
  • Ruth Stephen, Director, Strategic Policy, Research and Experimentation at the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
  • Keith Taylor, Executive Director at DUCA Impact Lab

May 2021

Need for Speed: How RTR will change the fintech game.

Our speakers:

  • Cyrielle Chiron, Chief Strategy Officer at Payments Canada
  • Krikland Morris, VP Enterprise Initiatives and External Affairs at Interac Corp.
  • Hamed Arbabi, CEO and Founder at VoPay

March 2021

Everything is fintech

Our speakers:

  • Kathryn Van Nuys, Global Head of fintech development at Amazon Web Services
  • Robert Hamlin, Principal at Portag3 Ventures

November 2020

2020: Innovate or die trying

Our speakers:

  • Philippe Daoust, Managing Director, NAventures, National Bank
  • Jan Arp, Founding Managing Partner, Holt Accelerator
  • Tamara Zimmerman, Head of Innovation and wavespaceTM, EY Canada

October 2020

Building the ultimate financial experience

Our speakers:

  • Abdulah El Tarazi, Chief Business Development Officer, Expertus
  • Corby Fine, Vice President, Digtal, goeasy
  • Mahima Poddar, SVP, Digital Banking and Strategy, Equitable Bank

September 2020

M&A and the future of collaboration

Our speakers:

  • Robert Paterson, President & CEO, Alterna Savings and Alterna Bank
  • Ranjit Sarai, VP Digital Banking, Credit Sesame
  • Corey Gross, Co-founder & CEO, Sensibill

August 2020

Billion dollar overhaul: The digital transformation of FIs

Our speakers:

  • Francois Cote, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Fairstone 
  •  Jacques Leblanc, CEO at Expertus

July 2020

Lockdown: how cybersecurity has to step up

Our speakers:

  •  Mathieu Lavoie, Co-founder & CEO at Flare Systems
  • Jason Green, Partner, Cybersecurity at EY
  •  Joseph Lau, CISO at Portage Ventures