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A flagship educational certification

The program was designed by Fintech Cadence in 2018 and adapts every year to reflect current realities and trends in fintech.
Regardless of your academic background, the Fintech Certificate provides an opportunity to learn about the fintech industry, its impact, its challenges, and its opportunity in our society. During the program, you will meet with financial institutions, VCs, founders, top experts in the field, and other key stakeholders across Canada.

Since the beginning of the program, we’ve seen +120 fintech fellows graduate from the program.

February 2023 Cohort

  • It will take place every 2nd Saturday from February 4th to April 29th, between 12pm – 4pm EST.
  • It will be held online via zoom.
  • It will be in English.
  • Pricing:
    • Professionals: $500
    • Students: $250
    • An optional “à-la-carte” course selection is available
  • Registrations Close February 3rd. 2023
  • You must attend min. 6 out of 7 courses to receive the certificate.

The Certificate is designed for:


Professionals in the financial sector looking to deepen their knowledge in fintech


University students who have an interest in entering the sector once graduated


Founders who are looking to gain more expertise in the field

Courses Overview

Ecosystem Introduction

Course 1

Introduction & overview of the
fintech ecosystem featuring guest lectures and guest startups across Canada.

Regulations & Open-Banking

Course 2

Introduction & overview of regulations, regtech and open-banking featuring guest lectures and guest startups across Canada.

Building Blocks of AI

Course 3

Understanding big data, machine learning and its ethics in fintech featuring guest lectures and guest startups across Canada.

Payments Rail & FI Strategies

Course 4

Overview of the payments rail and understanding  of Financial Institutions’ (FI) strategies featuring guest lectures and guest startups across Canada.

Blockchain Overview

Course 5

Understanding blockchain and its uses in the financial sector featuring guest lectures and guest startups across Canada.

Fintech Valuations

Course 6

Understanding fintech valuations & the journey of fintech startups featuring guest lectures and guest startups across Canada.

Financial Health
and ESG

Course 7

Glimpse at Financial Health and ESG in fintech as well as the official wrap up of the Fintech Certificate featuring guest lectures and guest startups across Canada.


Ready to obtain your
Fintech Certification?

In addition, we will also be inviting Canadian startups and scale-ups to provide their experience on starting a company in fintech, the challenges they've experienced the opportunities they see ahead in fintech and their sector. Here are some past startups that have joined:

The principles of the certificate

  1. Comprehensive learning : We will discuss the concepts, technologies and trends in fintech and deepen our understanding of them.
  2. Industry experts: Canada is fortunate to host a range of experts, researchers and academics working in the fintech sector who will be joining as guest lecturers.
  3. Innovation: Fintech Cadence is at the cutting edge of innovation in the financial industry.  We will share the most up-to-date trends and technologies and get a glimpse into the future.
  4. Diverse teaching methods: The certificate will utilize various methods that have proven to engage students, experiential learning activities, case studies, workshops and seminars.
  5. Network: Meet experts in the field of AI, Blockchain, Regulations and connect with ecosystem organizations as well as VC’s and Accelerators.

Enroll today and earn your Fintech Certificate!

Registrations are currently open until February 3rd, 11:59pm ET. An “À-la-carte” course selection is also available. 
Please note these costs do not include taxes and fees.

Do you work in the world of fintech and want your staff to be updated with the latest trends while understanding its impact, challenges and opportunities? Corporate Packages are available. Please email us at [email protected] with your details and we will connect.