Startup Stories – Walletifai

Walletifai Is Helping More People Build Healthy Financial Lives North Americans have over $1 trillion in credit card debt and lack the right financial tools to build their best lives. The Walletifai team, driven by their ambitiously dedicated founders, is committed to creating change by leveraging AI technology.  Their mobile app is a smart assistant […]

Fintech Cadence 2023 Annual Report

Let’s celebrate 2023 together! A big thank you to all of our founders, community & corporate partners, industry experts, sponsors and fintech enthusiasts for believing in our mission and helping as advance the financial system to serve all Canadians for the better. To officially wrap up 2023, we’re releasing our Annual Report to look back on all the […]

Nesto’s Path: Speed, Trust, and Fintech Success with Malik Yacoubi

Author: Maria Aponte Accelerating Growth and Building Trust: Insights from Malik Yacoubi, Founder of Nesto In a recent Fireside Chat with Malik Yacoubi, the visionary founder and CEO of Nesto, we delved into the fascinating journey of disrupting the $450 billion mortgage industry in Canada. With over $160 million in funding and a team of […]

Startup Stories – BUYPROPERLY

BuyProperly is Making Investing More Accessible   Meet Khushboo Jha, founder of BuyProperly. In 2019, she was getting fed up by the world of real estate investing. The lack of accessibility to wealth-building opportunities for the average person has consistently caused frustration for her. Despite the inaccessibility of such opportunities, she was convinced that there […]

Startup Stories – PULSE AI

PulseAI is Pushing the Boundaries of Data Analytics & Education   For 8 years, Nicholas Ponari found himself continuously using the same formulas, spreadsheets, and approach to financial management. Being an angel investor in numerous companies, he decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Financial Innovation and Technology, aiming to assume the responsibility of managing accounting […]

Kicking Off IFH Lab 2023: An Inside Look at Our Orientation

On July 27th and 28th, our 2023 IFH Lab Cohort kicked off the program with a two-day orientation session together in Toronto. The eight startups gathered in person and had the opportunity to network, hear from experts in multiple domains, attend workshops, and more. Let’s dive into the orientation and its many insights! Meet the […]

Startup Stories – Profitual

Profitual Is Helping More Companies Succeed by Democratizing Financial Intelligence As venture capitalists, Daniel Hoyles and Raymond Fitzpatrick got a higher than average exposure to the world of startups, founders, and funding. Through this work, they kept coming into contact with a simple problem: startups didn’t have the financial information they needed, a way to […]

Startup Stories – FundEvolve

  FUNDEVOLVE IS BRINGING FINANCIAL LITERACY TO CANADIAN WOMEN  When Zainab Williams was volunteering her financial planning services to women hit hard by the pandemic, a concerning truth made itself apparent. She realized quickly that young women, especially in underserved demographics, weren’t getting the resources or guidance they needed to succeed financially. The concept In […]

Startup Stories – STOCKCALC

Interview by Skyla Valade STOCKCALC IS TAKING THEIR NEXT STEP Back in 2013, Brian Donovan incorporated stockcalc when he had the perfect opportunity to switch gears in his professional life. As an expert with a background and interest in stock valuation who found himself between jobs, he decided that the startup journey was worth a […]

Startup Stories – ReInvest Wealth

Interview by Skyla Valade ReInvest Wealth is Transforming Accounting ReInvest Wealth is at the intersection of accounting software and AI, harnessing the power of automation to eliminate manual work and cut costs for small business owners. Today, we spoke with co-founder Behdad Karimi to get a deeper understanding of their journey as a startup. Here’s […]