A glimpse into our first online Uniseries

Fintech Cadence is pleased to announce the conclusion of its University Series, a sequence of free online webinars that ran over the past 3 months. University students from across Canada were given the opportunity to attend and participate in panel discussions on trending topics in the financial technology (“fintech”) sector. This series served as an introduction to fintech, the technologies that are being leveraged and the trends that we are seeing re-shape a sector.

Industry-leading panelists, including Lyra insight CEO Charles Dery, Mylo COO Jennifer McDonald and Consilium Crypto CEO Austin Hubbell, discussed how innovations in fintech are already disrupting the sector, how verticals within fintech have been impacted by COVID-19 (for example insurance, personal finance management, payments) and how more than ever there is now a need for cross-industry collaboration.

The series also discussed the employment opportunities within the sector. With the explosion of consumer demand for mobile banking and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, fintech is an industry offering tremendous opportunity for startups and job seekers looking to enter a lucrative market.

“Canada is one of the easiest places in the world to enter the fintech industry, because it’s very difficult for the big banks to pivot, enter new industries or develop new technologies”

“This creates a lot of opportunities for startups and smaller players to build new products and technology that integrates with the current infrastructure.”

-Austin Hubbell

Click here to watch Working in Fintech: What You Need to Know

In Cash Not Accepted: The Future of Cashless Society, Melissa Pauleat, Executive Vice President (EVP) — People & Marketing at Mobeewave, explained how the COVID-19 crisis will accelerate cashless payment in sectors that have been slow to adopt it, including food and beverage.

“When bars and restaurants start to re-open, many will change their business models to enable tips to be paid digitally or via an app,”

-Melissa Pauleat

Click here to watch Cash Not Accepted: The Future of Cashless Society

Panelists also covered the new push of technologies that are helping Canadians to save and invest, including apps like Mylo – which integrates with the users’ bank account, automatically rounding up every purchase to the nearest dollar and invests the difference.

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At Fintech Cadence, our mission is to educate in order to develop the industry leaders of tomorrow. We’re proud to have supported the fintech industry by welcoming 250 participants to our University Series.

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We want to thank all of the student clubs from across Canada who helped make this event a success. We would also like to thank all of our panelists for their time and expertise. We couldn’t do it without you.

A special thanks to Concordia Blockchain; Kate Stapleton; Mélany Delgado and HEC Comité en Science des données (CSD).

Thanks to the Fintech Cadence University Series’ panelists:

Thanks to Maciej Cepnik, Kate Stapleton, Ilias Benjelloun , Austin Hubbell, Jan Arp, Eric Morin, Yan Avery, Xavier Freeman, Jennifer McDonald, Matt Hernandez, John Cowley, Dominique Payette, Stephanie Bouzar and Charles Dery.

Thanks to the Fintech Cadence University Series’ Student Club supporters:

Concordia Blockchain Club, Concordia Fintech Society, John Molson, Entrepreneurship Club, Poly Entrepreneuriat Comité Étudiant, L’Association des Étudiants en Finance et Assurances de l’Université Laval, BOLT McGill, Engineering Investment Group (EIG), Blockchain at McGill, McGill School of Computer Science, McGill Investment Club, DTech- Desautels Technology Club, HEC CSD Comité en Science des Données, Comité Blockchain HEC, Student Club at York University (CS HUB) and UQAR Campus de Lévis.