Startup Profiles: Meet Mohammed from Benji

Tell us about your startup and what inspired you to start it. Benji is Canada’s first neobank for small businesses. We provide a free business operating account that combines your deposits, bookkeeping and spend management — all in one place. No branch visits required. We built Benji because we were frustrated by the effort it […]

Startup Profiles: Meet Nadiya from Kynza

Tell us about your startup and what inspired you to start it. Kynza brings rotational savings into the digital age by streamlining the entire experience into one consolidated platform. Rotational savings, where groups of trusted family and friends combine their money together and take turns withdrawing from a collective pool, has long been a powerful […]

Startup Profiles: Meet Matt from Seedwell

Tell us about your startup and what inspired you to start it. Seedwell is a financial wellness benefit that helps employees automate personal finance and financial workflows at the payroll level. Having personally spoken to over 250 strangers about their financial situation, after experiencing the mental and emotional strain that financial struggles can have on […]

Startup Profiles: Meet Kristine from Untangle Money

Tell us about your startup and what inspired you to start it. Untangle Money helps you understand your money, both now and in the future and using that understanding, we help you build a financial plan that works with what matters to you most. We show you how making small changes today can have large […]

Startup Profiles: Meet Jonah from MICC

Tell us about your startup and what inspired you to start it. MICC is a social group lending platform that allows friends and family to pool funds, access interest-free loans, and build credit history. My inspiration to start MICC was because of my (and my co-founders’) lived experiences as new immigrants in Canada. Not having […]

It’s all about Fintech!

By Karina Riviello – University Liaison at Fintech Cadence With summer finally arriving, the warm weather is pushing us outside and we are getting ready to enjoy a well-deserved lockdown break. With the start of one season, we are also happy to announce the conclusion of the Spring edition of our University Series (a virtual […]

Early-stage fintechs reaching their next milestones

It has now been two weeks since our 4th Ascension cohort graduated from our 3 month incubation program where over 300 community members across Canada joined us in celebration.  As the only Canadian organization that offers fintech-focused incubation programs for early-stage fintechs, we’ve carefully designed a 12-week program devoted to helping our startups achieve their […]

Discover the 8 fintechs of IFH Lab 2021

Fintech Cadence, a national non-profit on a mission to develop Canada’s future fintech leaders has announced the 8 startups selected for its IFH Lab 2021 cohort.  IFH Lab is a six-month program for startups improving the financial lives of Canadians, particularly those more financially vulnerable. The goal of the program is to help these startups […]

Discover the 15 fintechs of Ascension 2021

In today’s climate, it is essential to support up-and-coming entrepreneurs as they foster innovation and tackle challenges that address the needs of Canadians. 2021 welcomes Fintech Cadence’s fourth cohort of its Ascension program – a 3-month incubation program where selected fintech startups across the country will get to meet with over 60 renowned experts from […]

A Canadian Fintech Snapshot

A report by Holt Accelerator and Fintech Cadence. The following report provides an overview of where the Canadian fintech ecosystem is at the moment, identifies the challenges it is facing and highlights opportunities available. It aims to present arguments in favour for innovation in the financial sector, as well some recommendations from the authors of […]