Startup Stories – BUYPROPERLY

BuyProperly is Making Investing More Accessible  

Meet Khushboo Jha, founder of BuyProperly. In 2019, she was getting fed up by the world of real estate investing. The lack of accessibility to wealth-building opportunities for the average person has consistently caused frustration for her. Despite the inaccessibility of such opportunities, she was convinced that there must be a better way to participate.

The Solution

Upon discovering this challenge, Khushboo focused her entrepreneurial skills on developing a solution to make wealth-building accessible to everyone. Private market investing is a huge $4Trillion market that is still fragmented, archaic and provides no access to retail investors. BuyProperly is changing that with its fractional ownership investing model. 

“For us, it’s less a real estate or investing approach, and more of a tech platform enablement approach. Our goal is to make the overall value chain efficient such that more investing opportunities can be made accessible to regular investors.”

        – Khushboo Jha, Founder, BuyProperly

BuyProperly is taking a tech-focused approach, aiming to deliver sustainable output by constantly upping their AI tools, and innovating across the value chain of the process of investing.

The BuyProperly Journey

In an effort to bring smart, simple, accessible investing to the average person, BuyProperly was founded. In just over 3 years, they’ve already experienced impressive growth – achieving a 10x increase in revenue each year. Their team can now be found across both the US and Canada, and over 15,000 people are using the platform. They’ve even been recognized with awards from Fintech Cadence, Bay Street Bull, DMZ, UBS bank (Top 10 Global startups), Canaccord Genuity (Top 4 Global fintech), CIX (Top 20 Canadian), and more!

What’s Next?

In her day-to-day life, Khushboo is constantly inspired and propelled by hearing from her customers and getting positive feedback. One of her favourite aspects of being a founder is the ability to find problems and develop solutions that have a clear impact, which she’s been able to do exceptionally well with BuyProperly. Running a tech start-up also means she is constantly learning, up-skilling herself, and pushing new boundaries.

As they continue to innovate, she hopes to raise another round of funding in order to begin patenting their cutting-edge AI and technology. She explains that they’ve built most of what they set out to build, and the next hurdle is really all about growth and increased visibility.

BuyProperly x Fintech Cadence

Khushboo originally joined Fintech Cadence before BuyProperly went live, and she recalls having a good gut feeling about joining.Today, she considers Fintech Cadence a family – always there to support her along the way with advice, suggestions, and random requests that have come up in her journey.

Interview by Skyla Valade