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Interview by Skyla Valade

Quber is Helping Employees Reach Their Savings Goals

In 2016, Jen Leger decided to combine her background in the gaming industry with her desire to make an impact. She founded Quber with the mindset that something needed to change in the way people save money. It’s estimated that around 35% of Canadians, and 53% of Americans don’t have emergency savings. Quber sets out to change this.

A New Approach to Benefits

Quber is an employee benefits program that allows employers to match emergency savings for their employees. While traditional long-term benefit programs like 401Ks help set employees up for their future, Quber aims to help employees manage through expected and unexpected financial emergencies, save for shorter term goals, and build better financial habits today.

Changing Behaviours

Quber helps change users’ behaviours, building better spending and savings habits. By using gamification tactics and taking a goal-based approach, they help employees save more than ever. For many employees who may have been living paycheque-to-paycheque with no safety net– this is a huge win.

Watching Quber Work

Since their original launch as a B2C platform and eventual pivot to an employer focus, they’ve reached many impressive milestones. From onboarding Levi’s and KFC as clients, to launching in the US, their team has been hard at work and quickly growing.

Since the beginning of Quber, Jen has seen employees’ average monthly savings go from $40/month all the way to $200/month in an impressive leap. Not to mention, they have a 65% savings retention rate, meaning that people who start saving, keep saving. Armed with thousands of comments, user stories, positive feedback, and survey responses, Jen’s most excited about seeing Quber’s impact continue to grow. The company has already helped employees across the US and Canada save over $6 Million!

In the future, they hope to grow past emergency savings and help users take their money to the next level with investments and other financial goals.

Quber & Fintech Cadence

Originally introduced to Fintech Cadence through participation in the IFH Lab, Jen and the Quber team have been able to grow their network since joining. By gaining introductions and key interactions through the program, Jen has been able to propel Quber forward to where it is today.

Now Quber is a part of the Fintech Hub, a long-term no-fee no-equity program for startups with bold ideas. At the beginning of this year, we were thrilled to announce the launch of the Fintech Hub | Atlantic Division in partnership with Atlantic Fintech.

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