With strong demand for payment solutions that are practical, fast and secure, how can fintech companies help make the lives of Canadians easier?

Up to 3 paytechs will receive a $15,000 grant
and a potential investment up to $250,000 investment through Startup in Residence's Accelerator

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The goal of this call for applications is to inspire the launch and growth of startups that can help simplify how we make payments in Canada.


Startup in Residence and its partners understand the legal, technical and development challenges that entrepreneurs building practical, fast and secure payment solutions can face. The program’s goal is to support these entrepreneurs so they can go further and be ready for the venture capital stage to speed up their growth in a big way.

How can paytechs help?

With Real time payments set to roll out in Canada in 2023, financial institutions and fintech companies are constantly looking for new ways to provide top quality products and services that are instant and secure. The data from Payments Canada shows just how important it is to create solutions that fit our fast paced world: 

→ 80% of Canadians want more practical payment solutions 
→ 50% of Canadians are ready to stop using cash and 66% would stop writing cheques if there were better options
→ 83% of Canadians who use e-wallets find them practical
→ Businesses are starting to use online transfers more and more and this payment method is growing 50% faster than any other

The startups we’re targeting must have solutions that improve Canadians’ payment experience.  Some of the priorities are focused on:

Real-time payment solutions

Open banking systems 

Payments solutions with a positive social impact: 
Payment solutions that minimize digital exclusion and/or Payment solutions that promote citizen-led and community initiatives

Payment solutions that use AI to help make informed choices

Payment solutions that serve the circular economy (cash flow)

Payment solutions that facilitate and improve the consumer payment experience

Eligibility Criteria

  • Operate a business incorporated in Canada
  • Be registered to participate in the challenge according to the rules set by Startup in Residence
  • Have at least a working prototype of your solution
  • Have not raised more than $1M CAD (excluding non-dilutive funding).*
  • Have at least one co-founder working full time in the startup
  • Have large sale growth ambition and potential
  • Have a founding/management team interested in hands-on coaching, and who have IT and entrepreneurial skills
*For any questions or uncertainty about eligibility, connect with us at or use the form at the bottom of this page.

Key dates overview

Round 1 and Round 2 Sessions will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4:30pm-6:30pm ET. They are:
June 7th | June 9th | June 14th | June 16th

There will be other calls and pitching issued at different times that will be determined based on your schedule.
Deadline to apply is May 24th – end of day.

You will be asked to submit your application through F6S. You can submit in English or French.* Once your application is completed, Results and selection will be communicated May 26th, 2022.

→ *To complete your application, please read the Desjardins Rules here.  ←


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