Scientific venture program

A unique lab-to-market program by V1 Studio, Concordia University

Applications for 2022 are now open.

Fintech Cadence is proud to collaborate with V1 Studio as a Fintech stream partner to bring PhD-led innovation to market through the Scientific Venture Program. This 2-year program is dedicated to supporting PhDs and postdoc candidates that have the ambition of creating a venture from their research by offering the tools and resources needed to become an entrepreneur. 

How Scientific Venture Program can help you

Once enrolled, V1 Studio in partnership with their stream partners, offer access to multiple services that include financial support, industry & scienfic advisory, facility resources, hours of professional support, as well as connections to the fintech ecosystem and much more.

Financial Support

$40,000 stipend + training, access to facilities, coaching, workshops and more valued at $31,000 annually.

Scientific Advisory

Participants are assigned a PI and an advisory panel curated to their project to help them refine their technology.

Industry Advisory

An assigned curated team of experienced coaches and business advisors provide participants with market insights.

Curated Curriculum

An online and in-person program alongside educational activities to propel participants into the market.

Ecosystem Network

A global network of investors, mentors and experts through V1, Concordia University and Fintech Cadence. 

Resources & facilities

Participants are offered access to spaces, meeting rooms, research facilities and much more.

Program eligibility

We’re looking for candidates with the following criteria: 

  • Recent PhD Graduate (within the last five years) or about to conclude your doctoral program in the next 6 months.
  • High proficiency in English.
  • Willingness to register or incorporate the startup in Canada.
  • The technology underlying the solution must be at least a level 4 on the technology readiness scale.

The easiest way to know if you are fit for this program is to contact us! Reach out to → [email protected] to book a call.

Upcoming applications timeline

Have questions before applying? Let’s connect. Write us at [email protected] to book a call.

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