Fintech Cadence: Building the fintech leaders of tomorrow

FormFintech is excited to announce a rebrand to fit it’s expanded direction of building and supporting the fintech leaders of tomorrow. The organization will be now known as Fintech Cadence, a word chosen to represent the rhythm of our ecosystem. As of 2019, our role will be to amplify the sector of fintech and its stakeholders in Montreal, the province of Quebec and Canada.

We’re thrilled to see our role mature and evolve to address the current needs of the ecosystem. By building the future leaders of tomorrow, Fintech Cadence, (in addition to our current programs) will be further expanding its focus on leading edge dialogues (as seen in our recently launched Open Banking report), clarity on our ecosystem (as seen by our ecosystem map – the first of its kind in Canada) and providing more extensive knowledge to the ecosystem (such as our Building Blocks Fintech Certificate that kicked off in January of this year – the first fintech certificate in Quebec).

Since our inception in 2016, we are proud to have attained some incredible milestones and achievements as one of the first movers in fintech in Montreal. Our numbers:

  • 70+ R&D projects and business challenges worked on,

  • 75+ fintech teams coached,

  • 60+ corporates and financial institutions introduced to the fintech ecosystem,

  • 2000+ talent met and worked with,

  • 100+ jobs and internships created through our programs,

  • 40+ university focused events engaging students from diverse faculties,

  • 35% female engagement in our programs (in comparison to 9% industry average),

  • 75% female employees at Fintech Cadence,

  • 75% female members of the Board of Directors at Fintech Cadence.

With this announcement, we are also incredibly excited at this time to welcome our newest board member – Lise-Estelle Brault – Senior Director, Fintech, Innovation and Derivatives at Autorité des Marchés Financiers (Québec). Mrs. Brault’s extensive experience and knowledge in the field will be an invaluable asset to the organization. Her role in a regulatory body, working with relevant ecosystem players, will ensure a responsible and healthy innovation environment that is conducive to the industry, job creation, technology and consumer protection. Our organization could not be more thrilled to have her guidance and support on a board level.

With several new initiatives to add to our flagship programs – such as the Formathon, Ascension Program, Algo-Trading and Blockchain workshops, Career Fairs to name a few – we will also be launching the Women Mentorship Program, which aims to plug another gap: lack of women leaders in financial technology. As an organization with 75% female members, we understand the importance of building products that are not biased towards a particular demographic – a situation that currently exists in fintech given that only 9% of the entrepreneurs in the industry are female.  

We believe that our initiatives (present and future) will continue to help serve and amplify Montreal Fintech Rocketship! We cannot believe how far fintech has come in Quebec in just the last three years, and with many leading fintech ecosystems across the world we are excited to see how the Canadian Fintech Ecosystem will catch up and become a world leading fintech hub; how the steady cadence of building networks, connections and startups in fintech while solving industry problems will keep getting bigger.

We hope that you are as excited as we are! 

The Fintech Cadence Team.




Brand Description

Our logo is a play on the words “Fintech” in Morse Code – inspired by the earliest types and written forms of communication. Cadence is a representation of our role within the ecosystem – an organization that amplifies the various stakeholders and does so by tailoring support and staying ahead of the curve on trends and opportunities.